How it started

We were working on our vision of the bike of the future – the Boréal Electric Hybrid – and the smrtGRiPs were one of the bike’s key features.

We soon realized that the applications of the smrtGRiPs were not limited to the bike of the future – it was perfect for the bikes of today.

We believe that eyes free navigation with haptic feedback notification, the security of a global bike tracker, and the ability to find your bike in a crowd could have a huge impact on the safety and the riding pleasure of many. Right now.

So – for right now – we’ve turned our focus and efforts to smrtGRiPs. We want to get it ready for the bikes of today.

The goal?  Give everyone the ability to make their bike – or their mobility scooter, electric scooter, push scooter, moped, motor bike, snowmobile, personal water craft, ski poles, Nordic walking poles – smarter, safer and more fun to use.