• smrtGRiPS January 11 2015

Day 1: We have lift-off

smrtGRiPS are now airborne. They are now ascending to their next phase, which is getting them ready for pre-production, as we continue on refining their final designs. But today, we are most happy to see that many of you have also seen the potential of smrtGRiPS.

You are quite a few that are willing to take this journey with us. For that, we are very grateful.

Light and seamlessly integrated, smrtGRiPS gives you that sixth sense, the device that gives you greater awareness of the road that lies ahead, without ever being a source of distraction. Being connected, while staying connected.

We are really happy to see that many of you have chosen to be part of our project. Please comment and share your thoughts. Finally, our project is open to the world to see, and we are looking forward to hear from you.