smrtGRiPS in Amsterdam

Boréal Bikes was in the beautiful bike city of Amsterdam last Friday. It was a privilege to be at QicQ Bike Boutique for their product launch event and to be among other well established and innovative bike companies, like Leaos, Strömer, Jack e-scooter and Meijs Motorman. We got amazing feedback from several of the best bike designers and engineers in Europe. They all saw the potential of the smrtGRiPs for a safer and more enjoyable ride. We have taken note of the comments and feedback, so we can deliver the best product. Odette Oostindiën is backer 400 of smrtGRiPS and it was a pleasure of meeting her to get her impressions on the smrtGRiPS. We leave Amsterdam realizing how an awesome bike city it is. We met with knowledgeable bike enthusiasts that have a true understanding on how new bike tech can improve their rides and their city. Hoping to be back soon, Amsterdam!