Day 19: Making it on the Top 10 Charts of New Tech

Editors, tech pundits and lifestyle writers are continuing to dissect, analyze and compare the smrtGRiPS to what’s available. As a result, smrtGRiPs is climbing up the charts.

This week, Techvibes included us in their Top CanadianTech Crowdfunding You May Want to Fund list. Atmel, a leading manufacturer of microcontrollers for smart and wearable devices, featured us in their list of 10 Smart Crowdfunding Campaigns.

The New York Post ranked us fourth in its 2015s Top Tech Toys list. We’re happy t0 be part of this select group of products, that included the very anticipated iWatch from Apple that came in second place.

We also made it on top of the

And what does Emilia Clarke and smrtGRiPs have in common? both ranked us no 1 on our own respective lists (99 Most Desirable Women and Top 10 Aspire Tech).

The good news is that the smrtGRiPS Early Bird Special is still available, so you can take advantage of or share this very special offer with someone who cares for cycling. Quantities won’t last forever.

Again, thank you for your incredbile support and putting the future of cycling in your hands. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. Keep speading the word.