An Apple Watch enabled smrtGRiPS App

We are certainly excited about the possibilities that the Apple Watch can offer on improving your pleasure to ride  especially in combination with smrtGRiPs. Cycling meets Connected Bikes and Wearables. The possibilites seem infinite. We have been looking at the Apple Dev’s WatchKit and it’s not hard to see how such technology can offer an enhanced, better integrated and more intuitive experience to your digital lifestyle. Please comment and tell us what you think.

  • Got ideas how we could implement the Apple Watch into our smrtGRiPS App – We’d like to hear them.

  • Isaiah Tanenbaum

    Pebble’s new watches also look really interesting!

    As for which functions, obviously health monitors and GPS. ETA to destination might be a nice thing to display.

  • João Santos

    It will be excellent if the smrtGrips app could be connected to smart watches (either apple watch or android wear) because they aren’t so popular now be I believe them will increase with time.

  • Matt Kreger

    Please don’t get sucked into the Apple vortex. There are more than twice as many Android phones out there and already way too many projects that get bogged down in iOS development to the detriment of the majority of their customers. I get it: Ooohh! Shiny! But please move on.

  • Thanks for the reality check, Matt. If we ever do bring features that involve Wearables. We will make sure it does not delay our development.