Latest developments: Improving the smrtGRiPS

We’ve been testing the latest prototype and seeing how we can further improve our design. We have brought some modifications to our custom designed lock on ring so they can offer better protection to the smrtGRiPS. As you can see, now the smrtGRiPS fit inside the lock on ring and are now less exposed to impact.

When trying out the smrtGRiPS, we were surprised to see how sensitive our fingers are to different type of vibrations.

We have realized that our sense of touch is greatly underused. Testing our approach of seeing the road to come through touch has been a real eye opener. We see here lots of potential. We found out that most users are not only sensitive to the strength of the vibration but also to its speed. We see here an opportunity to further develop in context notifications so they are more relevant to users.

At the moment, we are quite happy on how the smrtGRiPS communicate left and right turns. We are trying to further improve the haptic notifications using the Telenav’s Scout SDK and by introducing algorithms that filter and push only the information you really need.