smrtGRiPS in Amsterdam

    smrtGRiPS in Amsterdam Boréal Bikes was in the beautiful bike city of Amsterdam last Friday. It was a privilege to be at QicQ Bike Boutique for their product launch event and to be among other well established and innovative bike companies, like Leaos, Strömer, Jack e-scooter and Meijs Motorman. We got amazing feedback

smrtGRiPS Bluetooth Test

Live DEMO of smrtGRiPS smrtGRiPS Bluetooth Test. What is the Bluetooth range of the smrtGRiPS? Watch the video to find out.

Live DEMO smrtGRiPS

Live DEMO of smrtGRiPS Here are the smrtGRiPS in action. See how Matthias gets his turn-by-turn directions.

Latest developments: Improving the smrtGRiPS

We've been testing the latest prototype and seeing how we can further improve our design. We have brought some modifications to our custom designed lock on ring so they can offer better protection to the smrtGRiPS. As you can see, now the smrtGRiPS fit inside the lock on ring and are now less exposed to impact.

An Apple Watch enabled smrtGRiPS App

We are certainly excited about the possibilities that the Apple Watch can offer on improving your pleasure to ride  especially in combination with smrtGRiPs. Cycling meets Connected Bikes and Wearables. The possibilites seem infinite. We have been looking at the Apple Dev's WatchKit and it's not hard to see how such technology can offer an

Day 54: Creating the ultimate human-bike interface It's hard not to gaze in awe at a machine that is bringing to reality piece by piece with speed and precision an idea that you've been contemplating for so many months. But not all the work is machine made. We're are working round the clock, coding firmware, refining designs, and working on

Day 51: From the Garden of the Eden 260V Witness how our vision of the future is becoming reality. Using a 3d printer from Stratasys, the Eden 260V, we are perfecting our designs and getting ready for production. Thanks to your continued support,   you are definitely putting the future of cycling in your hands. Soon you'll be able to smrten up

Day 44: The early prototypes

  This coming week we will have  the opportunity to show the new Printed Circuit Boards in their new housings. New footage too so you can see how they are made. Back in October, this is what we were working on. The proof of concept made of an Arduino board and bluetooth module. Our app

Day 19: Making it on the Top 10 Charts of New Tech

Editors, tech pundits and lifestyle writers are continuing to dissect, analyze and compare the smrtGRiPS to what's available. As a result, smrtGRiPs is climbing up the charts. This week, Techvibes included us in their Top CanadianTech Crowdfunding You May Want to Fund list. Atmel, a leading manufacturer of microcontrollers for smart and wearable devices, featured

Day 12: Another amazing week

We are pretty amazed about the breadth and consistency of the editorial we've been getting this week. Monday we got a nod of approval from Bicycling Magazine, the world's biggest cycling publication (as per wiki), followed by the great write up in slashgear and then by The Atlantic CityLabs, a great site that we love

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