Day 4: A promising journey ahead

There is so much more we can do together. Many have reached out to us to let us know what they expect from smrtGRiPS, and the feedback has been most interesting. Many of you from the motorbike community have expressed your desire to see a version smrtGRiPS for your ride. That’s certainly doable in the

Day 1: We have lift-off

smrtGRiPS are now airborne. They are now ascending to their next phase, which is getting them ready for pre-production, as we continue on refining their final designs. But today, we are most happy to see that many of you have also seen the potential of smrtGRiPS. You are quite a few that are willing to

How it started

We were working on our vision of the bike of the future – the Boréal Electric Hybrid – and the smrtGRiPs were one of the bike’s key features. We soon realized that the applications of the smrtGRiPs were not limited to the bike of the future – it was perfect for the bikes of today. We

Introducing smrtGRiPS to the World

Since we have launched the smrtGRiPS site, we have had lots of great feedback. First comments came from Ycombinator's Hacker News, then the premiere German Tech site,  quickly following several blog posts on great bike tech and bike ezines from around the world. After a few hours, had more 12,000 unique visitors and the youtube video

Happy 2015!

Best wishes for the New Year. Wishing you Many Happy Trails for 2015! The smrtGRiPS team

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